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Air Conditioner Installation

While it’s often taken for granted, air conditioning is a necessity in Houston and the surrounding area. An air conditioning system that’s designed and installed properly will help keep your home comfortable and dehumidified. If you’re having trouble cooling different rooms in your house during the summer, it may be time to call Third Coast Air & Heat.

It Won't Cool Correctly if It Isn't Sized Right

Old HVAC equipment sizing methods were terribly deficient, which often resulted in contractors purposely over-sizing the air conditioner just to be safe.  Contractors must understand the science of air distribution to ensure the duct system is properly sized and free of leaks, gaps and breaches.   If your home suffers from stale air pockets, high humidity and general discomfort, your equipment may very well be oversized.

Third Coast Air & Heat uses sophisticated tools to determine the precise capacity your system needs in order to meet the prevailing indoor cooling load.  Our technicians are experienced in making the final connections, and air balancing the system for YOUR optimal comfort.

The HVAC Technician You can Trust

If you are looking for a dependable contractor who provides comprehensive cooling and heating services, You have found us!  

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