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Air Conditioner & Heater Maintenance Plan

Fall Heater Inspection Includes:

  • Lubricate motors

  • Adjust controls (if needed)

  • Adjust combustion air to burners

  • Check fan belts

  • Inspect and/or clean filters

  • Check air temperature rise

  • Check wiring & connections

  • Clean burners

  • Clean & adjust pilot assembly

  • Check for gas leaks in furnace

  • Check heat exchanger for cracks

  • Check performance of system

  • Check heat strips

  • Check heat pump in heating mode

  • Check heat pump in defrost operation

​      ••Heat exchanger cleaning is extra••

$159 Per Year
* $50 per additional unit

 15% Discount on any repairs

Air Conditioner & Heater Maintenance 

Third Coast Air & Heat offers a bi-annual maintenance plan for our customers. Having a maintenance plan for your HVAC system in your home and commercial buildings will help prevent issues and extra costs.

Spring Air Conditioner Inspection Includes:

  • Lubricate motors

  • Check fan belts

  • Inspect and/or clean filters

  • Check evaporator air temperatures

  • Check wiring & connections

  • Check refrigerant charge

  • Check operating pressures

  • Check voltage and AMP draw

  • Clean condensate line

  • Check performance of system

  • Check contactor points

  • Check pressure switches
    Clean condenser coil

  • Check temperature differential

  • Add pan tabs

       ••Evaporator cleaning is extra ••



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